New Look and Some New Features

Welcome to our new Roast website. We hope you like the cleaner, more functional look. We are also happy to roll out some new features that we will outline below.

Ordering online for pickup with Chownow. We have partnered with Chownow allowing the customer (you) to place an order for pickup on our website or through our application.

Improved Delivery. Some of you may know we delivered in the past. We were not completely happy with the service, especially how long it took our customers to receive their food. We now deliver with a company called Zoomer. Zoomer is essentially Uber for delivery. We could go into specifics but the main takeaway is that it will take half the time for you to get your delivery.  Good news for all.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on anything new. We love to hear from our customers. 

Josh Neimark

Fix8 Media, Boulder, CO, , USA